Brown Thrasher

Photo by Jean Chamberlain
October 13, 2021
Long Creek Park

Mnemonics description of song

  • plant-a-seed, plant-a-seed, bury-it, bury-it, cover-it-up, cover-it-up, let-it-grow, let-it-grow, pull-it-up, pull-it-up, eat-it, eat-it, yum, yum (Thompson and Ely reported in Cavitt and Haas 2020)
  • drop-it, drop-it; cover-it-up, cover-it-up; pull-it-up pull-it-up
  • drop-it, drop-it; pick-it-up, pick-it-up

What do we know about brown thrasher song?


  • Large repertoire of over 1000 songs (Boughey and Thompson 1981)
  • Long series of extremely variable elements
  • Whether continuously improvise or learn new songs is not known (Kroodsma 2020)
  • Repeats units in pairs
  • Whisper and soft courtship songs (Bent 1948b cited in Cavitt and Haas 2020 )
  • Only occasionally mimic other species (McAtee 1940b cited in
    Cavitt and Haas 2020 )


Countersing in early spring (Kroodsma and Parker 1977)


  • Apparently do not sing (Erwin 1935 cited in Cavitt and Haas 2020 )

How and when is song acquired?

  • Males only sing primary song in spring so young do not hear adult song in first summer
  • Mechanism for development of repertoires is unknown

How can we facilitate learning?

  • House outside with singing adults of many species
  • Exposure to singing brown thrasher adults not thought to be necessary


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