Chipping Sparrow

January 16, 2021 Stout Farm Rd

Mnemonic description of Song:


What is known about chipping sparrow song?

  • One song type: trill
  • Steady pitch (Borror 1959a)
  • Individuals vary in rate of trill (number of syllables per second) (Borror 1959a, Marler and Isaac 1960b) and pitch (Kroodsma 2005)
  • Alternate and overlap song of neighbor (Kroodsma 2005)

How and when is song acquired?

  • Importance of learning and sensitive period unknown (Albrecht & Oring 1995)
  • Young male imitates the song of just one adult (Kroodsma 2005)

How can we facilitate learning?

  • House outdoors as soon as possible where singing adults can be heard
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Find out if tapes are effective xxxxxxxxxxxx


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