Eastern Phoebe

Photo by Jean Chamberlain
Long Creek Park, Winston-Salem, NC October 20,2020
October 20, 2020 Long Creek Park

Sayornis phoebe


1 fee-bee
2 fee-b-be-be

What is known about the phoebe song?


• Sings 2 songs: fee-bee  and fee-b-be-bee
• Male sings to attract a female and to announce territory (Smith 1969d)


• Female rarely sings  

How and when is song acquired?

• No evidence of vocal learning
• No song learning center in brain (xxxxxxxxxxxxx source? xxxxxxxxxxxx)
• Normal vocalizations develop at the beginning of first year
(Kroodsma 1985)
• Develops normal songs even when isolated from other phoebes (Kroodsma 1989a)
• Little variation among individuals (Smith 1969d)

How can we facilitate learning for phoebes

• Song is innate, not learned


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