Indigo Bunting

Passerina cyanea


Phonetic description of song:

sweet sweet tree tree chicken chicken
sweet sweet chew chew
fire, fire; where? where? here, here; see it? see it?

What do we know about indigo bunting song?


• One complex song of 6-8 fixed notes selected from about 100 elements
(Thompson 1968b, )
• One of 8 possible short notes introduces song (Shiovitz 19750)
• Notes sung in pairs


• Sequence unique to neighborhood (Thompson 1970b,Payne et al. 1988a)

• Countersing infrequently (Payne 1983c)


• Females don’t sing

How and when is song acquired?

• Learn adult song in first spring from territorial neighbor, do not sing father’s song (Payne 1981b )
• Recombines about 100 song elements that are selected rather than learned
(Shiovitz 1975, Baker & Boylan 1995) )
• Time intervals between elements is most important feature in species recognition (Emlen 1972 )

How can we facilitate learning?

• Do not learn complete song from tape recordings (Payne 1981)
• Must be exposed to singing adult
• House outside where it can both hear and see adult singing



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