Red-bellied Woodpecker

Photo by Jean Chamberlain

Mnemonic description of calls:

kwirr or churr used by both sexes (Wilkins and Ritchison, 1996)
cha (contact call)

What do we know about red-bellied woodpecker song?

Do not sing.
Drum about 19 beats /second (Short, 1982)

How and when is vocalization acquired?

It is thought that calls are not learned (Miller, Leonard, Shackelford, Brown and Connor,2020 )

How can we facilitate learning?

No recommendation since calls are likely not learned.


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*******I haven’t seen next one . It’s an expensive book.*******

Short, L. L. (1982). Woodpeckers of the World. Monograph Series 4, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Greenville, DE, USA.

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