RVS Training

WRNC provides RVS training at the symposium.  It includes sessions on the new regulations, permit application requirements and procedures, and permit restrictions taught by the NCWRC (2 hours).   The Department of Health teaches about rabies, vectors, vaccinations, titers, testing and more (2 hours).  Expert instructors for the various rabies vector species cover handling, housing and care for each species (8+ hours).  These sessions cover the 12 hours of required training needed to qualify for the permit.

RVS training includes:
Introduction to RVS
Rabies Species Regulations
Rabies and vaccinations
Raccoon Rehab
Bat Rehab  
Bobcat Rehab
Fox Rehab
Skunk Rehab

Rabies vector species in NC


Raccoons, taught by Ruby Davis
Bats, taught by Leslie Sturges
Intro to RVS, taught by Toni O’Neil
Regulations, taught by Fayln Owens
Rabies, the Disease and Vaccinations, taught by Dr. Carl Williams