Wildlife Rehabilitation
Weekend Beginner Classes

WRNC offers weekend beginner wildlife rehabilitation classes throughout North Carolina. If you are interested in hosting a class, contact Jean Chamberlain at The host is responsible for obtaining a site and signing up the participants (typically 12 or more). WRNC provides the instructors and course materials.

Class date:
Ages: 18+
Cost: $35/person

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Intro to Wildlife Rehabilitation
Basic Medical Terms and Math
Rehabilitating Opossums
Rehabilitating Squirrels
Physical Exam
Capture and Restraint of Small Mammals and Birds
Rehabilitating Cottontails
Fluid Therapy
Handling Wildlife Calls
Working with Your Vet 


Zoonoses being taught by Carla Johnsons

Medical Terminology and Math being taught by Ann Rogers

Fluid Therapy being taught by Toni O’Neil

Rehabilitating Opossums being taught by Linda Veraldi

Answering Wildlife Phone Calls being taught by Carla Johnson